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Tel: +2 02 2415 5728
Mob: +2 012 84 0000 75
28 Al-Emam Ali bin Aby-Taleb st., Watanya Mall, El-Esmaillia Square, Heliopolis, Egypt.

A Product of Home Automation system

Product Name:

Home Auto-Press One Key

Product Description:

Home Automation system could realize the following function 1.Remote control . You can control all appliances remotely "Electric curtain, air condition, IR devices in home like TV and DVD " 2.Telephone control. You can control the lamps, or appliances, air condition and heater of water 3.Wep control. You can control from anywhere in the world by internet. 4.Scene control. We could produce many kind of scene. 5. Timing control. You can setup the devices on/off in advance like electric curtain on at 8:30 am and off 18:00 pm.